Detroit"s Emergency Manager will be in Lansing today for a meeting with top Republican leaders hoping to find support for a plan to get the state to kick-in to help settle the city's bankrupcy case.

Proposals to give Detroit $350 million still being met with resistance is reporting that the meeting will happen today between Kevyn Orr and House Speaker Jase Bolger.  The two, the report indicates, have met before to discuss Detroit's way forward.  Bolger has said he wants unions to join with taxpayers in helping to solve the city's financial crisis.

Tomorrow, Orr is said to be meeting with the leadership of the Senate, who has said he's not as adamant about a union contribution to help solve the pension impasse.  Senate Majority Leader Randy Richardville has refused to hold off a vote in the chamber on a proposed $350 million request.

The state money would be added to funding already pledged from Charitable foundations and the Detroit Institute of Arts to help minimize cuts for city retirees and save that art collection from the auction block.

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