Efforts by law enforcement agencies across the state are being hailed as helping to crack down on drunk drivers on the roadway.  But are those campaigns targeting the right drivers?

MLive.com is reporting FBI statistics show the greatest growth in those busted for driving while under the influence isn't among men, but women.

According to the numbers from the last decade, DUI arrests for women increased more than 20% from 174,000 to 211,000.  For men, the stats went in the opposite direction, down 17%.

A number of communities across the country were involved in the study, including Ottawa County in Michigan.

Reasons for why are being floated, including more women in the workplace and therefore more women on the roads, and women being sent through the criminal justice system for the offenses rather than going through first offender diversion programs.

The study found some good news for Michigan, though.  While the number of drunk driving arrests is up, the number of crashes associated with drunk driving is down for both men and women.

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