Two adult teenagers, accused of killing a promising musician from Michigan State University, will be in court today as more details of the murder may soon be coming to light. 

Plea deals lilkely in death of MSU student


Dustyn Frolka, who performed in Michigan as a rapper, was found near death on the side of Interstate-69 in Clinton County back in February.  Despite the efforts of a passerby to save his life, he died a short time later.

Now, at least one of the suspects is close to cutting a plea deal with prosecutors.  18 year old Samantha Grigg is believed to be one of three people there when Frolka was robbed and then thrown from a moving vehicle.  Her deal likely would include a promise to testify against the others involved in the case, providing details on why Frolka was targeted and how he was lured into their vehicle.

Both Grigg and 18 year old Tyrel Bredernitz waived their right to a preliminary hearing to allow the case to move directly to Circuit Court.

A plea deal has also been offered to Bredernitz but no agreement has been reached.  A 16 year old is also charged in the attack.  Brendan Heim is being tried separately.

Frolka, from Owosso in Shiawassee County, was a sophomore at Michigan State University.  His death stunned the community.

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