Phones are likely ringing off the hook today at Senate offices in Lansing.  That's after a move on Thursday that sets in motion plans to change the flat gas tax in Michigan to a tax on the wholesale price of fuel.  

The increases would be incremental starting in April of next year.  The current 19-cent per gallon tax would be changed to a percentage.  It's estimated that taxes on fuel could reach better than 40-cents per gallon in the next 4 years.  That is, if the price stays at around $3 a gallon.  If it goes higher, than the tax rate will increase as well.

The Senate approved the measure with bipartisan support.  It now heads to the House for consideration where it could find some opposition from those who believe a proposal already passed earlier in the year that provides $500 million for a road fix is a good start to determine whether any tax increases are needed.

Those for and against the idea, which is expected to at least double the tax we're now paying at the pump by 2018, say contacting your lawmaker to voice your support or objection to the idea could be crucial to passing or defeating the plan.

This is how lawmakers voted:

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