Those traveling near the state Capitol today may have to do a double-take.  A 10-foot wooden horse is set to stand in front of the Capitol Building today with a message: don't touch term limits!

Photo by: Jo Anne Paul)

The group of the same name is organizing the effort to send a message to lawmakers thinking of eliminating or changing the limits in Michigan.  Currently those in the State House of Representatives can serve 3 2-year terms. Those in the State Senate can serve 2 4-year terms.  But criticism that lawmakers aren't allowed enough time in office to forge relationships that can lead to compromise has prompted some to consider rethinking the limits that were voted into law in 1992.

Why the horse, you say?  According to a written statement from the group that calls itself a "Citizen Cavalry", the answer is simple:

"It takes a big horse to scare away lame ducks," said Scott Tillman, State Coordinator for the group "Don't Touch Term Limits."

Tillman said a recent survey showed only 1 in 10 Michigan voters supports changing the law.

"Term limits have only increased in popularity since the people of Michigan enacted them in 1992.  Lawmakers need to focus on the business of our state and stop scheming to lengthen their own time in office."

The group is promising a fight if lawmakers try to enact a change in the lame duck session or next year.

Although amendments have been introduced in both houses since the limits took effect, none has reached a vote on the floor or been given serious deliberation in the Legislature.

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