A pair of bills being discussed at the state Capitol would more fully define anti-discrimination policies in the state.  And while offering additional protections for gays in Michigan, they would also protect religious beliefs.

MLive.com is reporting that both bills were met by opposition from gay-rights groups and face an uncertain future in the Republican-led Legislature in Michigan.

House Speaker Jase Bolger is proposing the Michigan Religious Freedom Restoration Act that he says should be enacted along with additional protections in the laws based on sexual orientation.

"I believe workers should be hired and fired based solely on their work ethic and their work experience," Bolger is quoted as saying.  "And nobody should be discriminated against based on their sexual orientation or their religious beliefs."

It's that "or" that is generating the most criticism by the gay community who believe such protections would leave a "loophole" for discrimination.

But Bolger is defending the legislation saying if a business owner is asked to perform a job that runs contrary with his or her religious beliefs, there should be protections in the law for them as well.

Kyle Melinn, of MIRS News, who appeared today on 1240 WJIM,  says the legislation faces a pretty uncertain future.

Melinn says there is support for both pieces of legislation and lawmakers could be looking again at the proposals in the coming weeks.

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