There are reports leaking out of the White House now that President Barack Obama will roll out a 10 point plan to deal with illegal aliens and it could happen by November 21, 2014.

The plan reportedly includes more money for border guards and more security at the border itself.

The most contentious part of the plan however will be the likely suspension of deportation on a large scale. This could expanded to include not only young people but parents of some legal US residents.

This is coming our way and instead of turning it into a political punching bag-simply for the sake of turning it into a political punching bag- maybe it would be a good time to actually discuss a strategy to deal with the invasion at the southern border, national security, terrorism and more.

I do not like the idea of amnesty. I’ve also spent time on farms and ranches where illegals were working. I do not despise these people and truly empathize with the challenges they face. Despite that I cannot simply say ‘no problem, you broke the law but hey stick around’. My hope is we can find some common ground. I hope we can find a conversation to keep those individuals and families that enhance America and rid ourselves of those that will weaken the nation. No matter what we do it will not be perfect- and there will be many naysayers. So it is.

My major concern is that Barack Obama undeterred by a midterm Republican wave may arrogantly surf right into the barrel with little concern and no political way out on this issue. This discussion will require finesse on both sides and not a take no prisoners’ kind of bravado.