Registered nurses are taking their concerns over Ebola directly to Governor Snyder today wanting the governor to issue a statewide policy for how hospitals should deal with the deadly virus.

Members of the Michigan Nurses Association are organizing the event after hearing concerns about confusion over how to care for a potential outbreak here.  So far, there have been no Ebola cases reported in Michigan, but the nurses say they want a standard of care established in the event of a problem.

Snyder has said that plans have been in place for dealing with Ebola patents even before the case of Thomas Duncan in Texas became public.  But John Karebian, MNA's Executive Director, appeared on 1240 WJIM-AM today, saying he believes the governor is deluding himself.

Karebian says they're hoping today's rally and an online petition being launched today will get action on the front on a statewide basis making Michigan follow the lead of an historic agreement already signed by those at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor.

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