The Michigan Senate has approved a gas tax plan designed to raise more than $1 billion a year on the backs of Michigan residents. The latest tax hike makes it ever harder to tell difference between Democrats and Republicans in this state.

The Michigan Senate voted 23-14 to jump start fuel tax legislation that stalled in June. The tax scheme will now be on its way to the state house.

Governor Rick Snyder says road funding is a top priority in this lame duck session. I guess addressing the states $142 Billion dollar debt will just have to wait.

Senate Majority Leader Repubican Randy Richardville applauded the decision alongside one of his new best friends Democrat Minority Leader Gretchen Whitmer. Whitmer dismissed the obvious financial challenges this will put on many Michigan residents. Instead she focused on the House that will also take up a Homestead Property Tax increase the Senate approved in June.

The gas tax plan would convert the state's 17-cent per gallon gas tax to a wholesale version and gradually increase rates over four years. At the current wholesale price, gas taxes could top 40 cents by 2018.

Half of the Majority Republican caucus — 13 members — voted for the fuel tax bill in the Senate, joining 10 of 12 Democrats.

Minority Leader Gretchen Whitmer acknowledged that higher fuel taxes could be tough on some residents but supported the proposal, anticipating that the House will also take up a Homestead Property Tax increase the Senate approved in June.

So just in time for Christmas how about new taxes on your gasoline- why the hell would we wait. I mean the price finally falls back below $3 a gallon and half the Republicans and most of the Senate Democrats rush in to snag as much cash as possible.

But what about the roads Steve isn’t this a good thing? Well I’ll believe that when I see it. Just like the lottery paying for schools…