Whether you are heading to the polls today to vote Republican, Democrat or a third party supporter, you probably have to admit you may have been influenced in your decision by campaign ads.  And while most are considered to be effective, there are some that either didn't hit the mark....or pass the smell test.

Voting today....polls open until 8 tonight. Election coverage beginning at 8 on 1240 WJIM-AM

MLive.com is reporting today on the 10 worst campaign ads of this midterm election cycle and the ads make all sorts of claims....some, not so accurate.

What do you think and are you surprised?

Whether you believe the ads or not, it's important to cast a ballot today.  Those being selected to Congress could be in those seats for decades to affect decisions about the country as a whole and Michigan in particular.

The polls opened up at 7 this morning and will remain open until 8 tonight.   You can get a look at what's on the ballot in your community by going online to www.michigan.gov/vote.  Voter turnout is said to be heavy in some areas, but at least steady in most others.  The busiest times are in the morning and late afternoon.  You could experience a slight wait if you decide to cast your ballot then.

Also, a reminder to join us for complete election coverage tonight on the stations of the Michigan Talk Network starting at 8 o'clock.  Steve Gruber and Jo Anne Paul will l have predictions from the pundits,  the numbers as they come in and  reaction from the candidates .  The broadcast from our flagship station 1240 WJIM-AM.

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