President Barack Obama came to Detroit over the weekend and stumped for Democrats Mark Schauer and Congressmen Gary Peters.

Obama told a crowd of more than 6,000 Saturday night at Wayne State University that Michigan voters have a chance in Tuesday's election to choose Democratic leaders "who put you first."

What party do you believe put Detroit "first?"

The party (Republican) that finally did something to put Detroit back on a path to solvency, or one that just talked about it?

The party (Democrat) that said they were not going to let GM and the others go into bankruptcy and then put them in bankruptcy?

The party (Democrat) that when the Democrats asked President Obama and the Democrats for help during the bankruptcy and they turned their back to us?

President Obama said, "They don't have an agenda for Detroit" and "They don't have an agenda for Michigan."

Really!  Who actually did something about the problems Detroit and Michigan faced? And who just talked about it? President Obama, Congressmen Peters and Mark Schauer?

What do you think would have been the reaction if the shoe was on the other foot and a Democrat was Governor?

Would it have been one like Governor Rick Snyder's office who put out a statement that said, "Detroit is not a Republican vs. Democrat issue; it is a Michigan issue, and the governor has put politics aside to do what is right for the city and our state…The results of the governor's bipartisan efforts to help Detroit are the best in decades as the city is on the road to recovery."

Remember as Michigan Republican Party Chairman Bobby Schostak said in a press release, "For 50 years, we watched as Democrats kicked the can down the road and allowed a culture of corruption to consume our great city. Democrats want to go back to the old status quo when trash wasn’t picked up, lights weren’t working, emergency response times were nearly an hour and Kwame Kilpatrick was Mayor. We finally have a leader in Governor Snyder who stood up and fixed the mess Mark Schauer and his party created. Detroit has a solid plan to continue its resurgence because of Governor Snyder’s leadership – Mark Schauer did nothing. Mark Schauer has no plan for Detroit, no plan for our economy and no plan for our future. Mark Schauer should apologize to the people of Detroit for allowing president Obama to come in and tell such a blatant lie."

You decide which party is a party of action and which is a party of talk and broken promises.

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