What is so damn scary to Democrats about voter ID? It seems like common sense to make sure those that are casting ballots are supposed to be doing so. However each time it’s suggested that voters show ID like a drivers license the liberals start screaming foul- but why?

One notion is that it’s a poll tax because ID’s cost low income people money and they are being discouraged from voting. Well in Michigan that just isn’t true.

In fact I took this from the State of Michigan website for reference:

MDOS will waive the $10 PID fee for individuals who provide documentary evidence specified by MDOS demonstrating that the applicant is currently receiving benefits from one of the following programs:

Michigan Department of Human Services Family Independence Program (FIP)

Michigan Department of Human Services State Disability Assistance (SDA)

Social Security Administration Social Security Disability Insurance Program (SSDI)

Social Security Administration Supplemental Security Income Program (SSI)

Those that are legally blind and seniors are also given free ID’s. So lets stop the nonsense and make sure we get ID’s to make sure the votes being cast are legal.