Well as many of you know Michigan’s Congressman Justin Amash is the only Republican to vote no on Kate’s Law, but do you know why?

H.R. 3004 also known as “Kate’s law”, is a law that would impose harsher penalties on deported aliens who try to return to the United States. Kate’s Law was named after Kate Steinle, a San Francisco woman murdered by an illegal immigrant who remained in the United States despite being deported more than 5 times.

Kate’s Law passed the House 257 to 167, with one Republican, Justin Amash voting against it and 24 Democrats voting for it.

Why did Congressman Amash vote against “Kate’s Law”?

Their are many people who are very upset with Congressman Amash for this vote.  Now that you heard right from the Congressman why he voted no, do you agree with him or are you still upset that he voted no.

If you still disagree with him on his vote, will you also then afford him the same "NO" vote next time he is up for re-election.

I have invited the Congressman on my show to further explain the vote, we should be hearing from him shortly.

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