It seems a bit funny to read a headline like this today but that was the reporting just last year. Several noted ‘experts’ like Illinois Senator Dick Durbin said it was clear that Global Climate Change was evaporating the things we love like the Great Lakes. I’m not sure what his science background is but he was sure emotional in his dire warnings!

Too bad the fear mongers were wrong again. I mean it would have meant another easily forgettable doom and gloom movie from Hollywood. I was so looking forward to such a perfect cure for insomnia. However another inconvenient truth intervened and delivered the 3rd coldest winter on record for Michigan and the other states bordering the lakes. As a result it appears the upper lakes Superior, Michigan and Huron either have already or will in a day or two surpass their all time record averages. Funny how the truth is so much more refreshing than the likes of Matt Lauer or Anderson Cooper delivering the ever repeated sermon of death and destruction that is clearly the fault of America, big oil, George W and a host of other perceived villains.

Anyway I’d write more but I have a boat to board and I’m going fishing.

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