Do you believe what you read and hear in and on the news?

As I have been saying for years now I do not believe what I read unless it is based on facts not given by a government agency and can be proven by good old math.

After the last several special elections and the presidential election last November do you have any confidence in polls,

The political class, and that means most of the Main Stream Manipulative News have been wrong time after time.

Why is that?  Because they no longer care what the people think they only care what they think and what they want the reality to be.

Many news stories are what the writers believe what is happening and more importantly their interpretation.  Their interpretation many times is motivated by their inherent bias.

When you let you biases go you will be set free from trying to protect or cheer on “your team”.

Remember Donald Trump was going to get crushed in the wake of Hillary Clinton’s ascendance to the throne.

The Democrats, many Republicans, the media, the punditry, the pollsters where all wrong.

Almost a year after the FBI opened its investigation into whether there was “collusion” between Trump or his associates which helped him win the election, no evidence has been found to date.

Remember Brexit!

Remember after the initial vote on the American Health Care Act was called off, the consensus was that the bill was doomed. "Don't look now but the Republican health care bill is in trouble again. Again," reported CNN on May 2. It passed two days later.

For weeks prior to Tuesday's special election in Georgia, we were told that Republicans were in trouble, that the polls looked bad for Karen Handel, that a "referendum on Trump" would motivate Democrats in this swing district to support Democrat Jon Ossoff. That evening, cable anchors warned that the night would be long. The race would be close, and winner might not be announced until the following morning.

What had been billed as a no-confidence vote in Trump's presidency quickly became, after Handel's victory, no biggie.

I point all of these huuugggeee mistakes out to prove my point that you can no longer believe what your read and much of what you hear from the Main Stream Manipulative news, can you?

These news organizations are making it harder to get the really facts out and help move our country in a better direction.

Choose your source of news well or you also will be part of the mass uninformed who believe they are informed and then make fools of themselves.

We all know people like that in our world do we not?

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