In the latest undercover sting operation from Project Veritas James O’Keefe’s team his journalism gold when a CNN producer openly admitted the networks nearly relentless coverage of the alleged Russia Collusion Story was and is  “Bulls#@%!” He said CNN’s only real motivation is because they are hitting ratings pay dirt.

The latest bombshell against the disgraced ‘News Channel’ comes on the heels of a high profile firing of 3 members of the news team that fabricated a Russia story that had factional connections between a member of President Trumps White House transition team and a Russian bank.

John Bonnifield, a CNN supervising producer is caught on a hidden camera by a Project Veritas employee admitting the constant focus is on Russia and alleged ties to President Trump and his team is simply because, “it’s the ratings.” Bonnifield went on to say CNN News President Jeff Zucker dismissed the decision by the United States to leave the Paris Climate Accords after a couple days of coverage to ‘get back to Russia.’

Bonnifield also mocks what he called the ‘cutesy little ethical things that your taught in journalism school are adorable’ but ‘this is a business’ and therefore ratings are all that matters. He went on to say that President Trump is right to say that there is a ‘witch hunt’ because there really is nothing of substance to the story at all. Bonnifield remarked that if there really was proof or something big they’d actually know about it which they apparently do not.

Bonnifield is a 15-year veteran of CNN and this will be yet another black-eye for the openly biased and hostile reporting that emanate from the networks reporters, commentators and producers. A bias that is being dragged right out into the open for all to see and understand!

At the end of the video O’Keefe gives a clear warning to all news outlets in America that they are being watched and that this expose’ is only part one of a series that will be launched on the subject.

Take a moment and watch the entire video here:

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