Last week I informed you that Governor Whitmer actually vetoed funding that helps parents with autistic children find the help they need.

Now we find out a bit more.  Just as one of her 147 line item vetoes to Michigan’s budget was cutting funding to help children in Michigan with autism another was to cut Pro-life pregnancy services.

What is her obsession with cutting funding to help children?

There is a group here in Michigan that provides pro-life counseling and pregnancy support services through their clinics in Michigan.  The people of Michigan have been helping fund these services since 2014.  The 2020 budget had $700,000 allotted to Real Alternatives and Whitmer cut all of those funds from the budget.

Real Alternatives said in a statement:

Real Alternatives is perplexed to hear, that against the wishes of Michiganders, Governor Whitmer has line item vetoed the successful Michigan Pregnancy and Parenting Support Services Program…The Michigan taxpayer’s investment of $3.3 million dollars since 2013 in funding the work of Catholic Charities and Pregnancy Support Centers has provided life-affirming counseling, mentoring and support to over 8,700 women during their unexpected pregnancy.

A Pro-abortion Washington D.C. based group called Campaign for Accountability actually called on Whitmer to cut all funding to this group from the 2020 budget and she dutifully did so.

According to an article in MLive, Alice C.C. Huling, counsel for Campaign for Accountability stated:

We were really excited to see the governor did issue this line-item veto. I think Michigan taxpayers have footed the bill on this program for a number of years, it has had quite a long time to prove that it is effective... and it simply has failed to show that, and I think the governor’s veto acknowledges that…There should absolutely be networks that are supporting people who are carrying pregnancies to term... Real Alternatives does not, though, provide or respect the full range of options that are available to people

So Ms. Huling and the Campaign for Accountability believes that a Pro-life pregnancy support group should also counsel girls and women on the option of aborting their babies.  Do I understand that correctly?

Does Ms. Huling not believe that these girls and women know that abortion is an option and where to get abortions is handed out like candy from people on the left?

According to Real Alternatives website; they have helped more than 8,000 girls and women since the state started funding them back in 2014. Real Alternatives also states that 59% of girls and women who were abortion minded and pressured by others to abort” had change their minds after receiving services from their group.

Please Governor Whitmer, I and I am sure many citizens of Michigan would ask you to please stop cutting services to children, girls and women in need right here in Michigan.

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