I give Governor Whitmer credit for being consistent.  Last week the Detroit Free Press reported “Whitmer reiterated she does not believe the state has a policy problem, but rather a compliance problem. She did not directly answer a question as to why residents who are not complying with state health orders would heed the governor's recommendation”

Yesterday Whitmer held a press conference and stuck to that storyline.  It is not her policies that have caused Michigan to lead the nation in new Covid-19 cases per population for the last two weeks, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Whose fault is this latest surge, well of course it is your fault residents of Michigan.  The residents of Michigan and not following her orders and it is this non-compliance that is driving the numbers so high.

During her press conference yesterday Whitmer said:

"That’s precisely why instead of mandating that we’re closing things down, we are encouraging people to do what we know works…That’s the most important thing that we can do. It’s not the policy problem. It’s a variant and compliance problem."


Let us address her faulting not only the residents of Michigan but variants of the virus.  There are variants all over the entire country, not just Michigan.  So that argument is thrown out of the window and we are now only left with the fault falling squarely on the residents of Michigan, according to Governor Whitmer.

As I reported the other day compared to Florida, Michigan has 250% more new cases. Compare to Texas, they have 700% more new cases, and both Florida and Texas are wide open.  Did the variants skip over those to very large and highly populated states?

So shape up Michigan residents and follow the rules, you’re embarrassing Governor Whitmer and making her look incompetent across the entire United States and the World!

Interesting to note that when I go out of my home I see almost everyone wearing their mask.  So I ask; what exactly are the acts of non-compliance the unwashed of Michigan are doing?

That would be a great question for a real reporter to ask instead of a radio talk show host and political pundit.

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