Well we have heard and read much about President Trump’s first 100 days in office, now let us turn the focus on the Democrats.

What did they actually do in their first 100 days of being the opposing party, well actually very little but oppose.

I understand that the first 100 days of the party in power should be looked at with more scrutiny, but the opposing party still must attempt to do their job to make American lives better at least on some issues.  We were told millions of times when the shoe was on the other foot that the opposing party cannot just be the party of NO!

Well those people who told us over the last 8 years that you cannot just be the party of no, have themselves become the party of no.

I think that we can honestly say that the big issues that President Trump wanted to pursue in his first 100 days was stymied by the Republican party as well as his own tweets, policies that could have been better written, and activist judges not the Democrat party.

The Democrats did not stop the:

  • The approval of Judge Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court and in fact made a huge error in forcing the hands of the Republican party to do what the Democrats did in Obama’s Administration and that was push the nuclear button on judicial nominees
  • Keystone and Dakota Pipelines
  • Some immigration enforcement
  • reduced border-crossing rates which are at their lowest rate in 17 years
  • travel restrictions on select countries which former President Obama stated were “countries of concern” yet former President Obama was not concerned enough to do anything about them
  • 13 Congressional Review Act (CRA’s) resolutions over the first 100 days, more than any other President ever. A CRA empowers Congress to review, by means of an expedited legislative process, new federal regulations issued by government agencies and, by passage of a joint resolution, to overrule a regulation.
  • Rescinding of former President Obama’s job-killing regulations and anti-coal restrictions
  • sanctions on Iran due to their nuclear weapons program

The Democrats did not stop the special congressional elections which were won by Republicans and force one to a run-off.

They now only hold 16 governors seats, 30 out of 100 state legislative House and Senate chambers, and a historically low number of state legislative seats.

The Democrats have no really leader and the one person on the left who is the most popular is a socialist.

All of us Americans must now ask the question what really is the Democrat partys agenda, what do they want to do to make America great again?

Have they offered any new ideas, proposals, policies or bills to improve the lives of the American people?

I say that they have in fact attempted to make America weak again.

They are against:

  • Increasing the national defense budget unless they get more welfare funding
  • Securing and protecting our borders, in fact they are for open borders and amnesty for all
  • Any restriction on abortion
  • Equal rights for all instead they focus on the rights of certain groups that they can rally to receive their support and more importantly their votes.

They are for:

  • Less national security
  • No border control
  • Amnesty for all
  • Increased welfare spending
  • Increased deficit spending
  • The funding of abortion on demand and at any time

The list goes on, so do you believe the first 100 days of the opposing party has been successful?

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