A high school senior in Ohio--just named prom king--is dead after ingesting caffeine.

MSN.com is reporting now that the tragedy is prompting warnings from doctors about the substance.

18 year old Logan Stiner is said to have come home for lunch and ingested enough caffeine powder to cause an irregular heartbeat and seizures.

The Loraine County coroner indicated that 1/16 of a teaspoon is the equivalent to the amount of caffeine in one can of Mountain Dew or a high-power energy drink.

No one, though, knows exactly how much of the powder Stiner ingested.

The article also indicates it is not the first time that a caffeine overdose has contributed to a death.

It cites the case of a British man who died after eating too many Hero Instant Energy Mints.  The label warns against taking more than 5 in a 24-hour period.

Another death is also documented involving a 23 year-old man who ingested two spoonfuls of the caffeine powder at a party with friends.  That dosage was compared to him having had 70 cans of Red Bull.

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