Barack Obama’s presidency has entered into all new areas of exploration of executive powers. This is not a good thing. Not for the Presidency, not for the Constitution and most importantly not for the country. Who’s most at risk by this lawless behavior you ask? All of us is the answer.

The President has already made it clear he will do whatever he wants and it seems our feckless Congress is weak as water when it comes to responding and reining the Imperialist President in.

The President long ago started deciding what immigration laws he would enforce and which ones he would ignore and has created almost by himself a flood of illegal children, some as young as 3 running over our southern border. Today Obama had the gall to ask Congress for $2 billion dollars to help cover the cost their emergency care. At the same time in a Rose Garden event Obama said he would take care of immigration reform on his own. It is not uncommon for him to ignore the constitution altogether and he continuously blames the problems he created on Congress or Republicans or anyone he can find. Referring to Congress Obama said, "America cannot wait forever for them to act," He said he's launching a new effort to "fix as much of our immigration system as I can, on my own, without Congress." 

In Michigan we are also seeing the direct effect of Obama’s disastrous unilateral approach to the Presidency. Illegal Central American kids are being shipped to Vassar for ‘temporary’ housing at a private facility there. At the state level we haven’t come up with a plan to deal with the surge of illegal immigrants being shipped there or anywhere for that matter.

It might be time to consider impeaching this lawless President. The damage he is doing to the office may never be repaired. The damage he is doing to our nation may take generations to turn around but in order to start the process we need to get started.

It’s time to let your voices be heard. It’s time to demand that illegals are not shipped to Michigan with no plan and no way to cover the bill. I mean let’s be honest. It’s time to say enough! Meanwhile get ready because the illegal flood is coming here next and there is little to stop it from happening.