Governor Rick Snyder, once thought to be a shoe-in in his reelection bid, could find himself with a battle on his hands come November.

That's if the latest poll is any indication.

Some questioning results of survey as a ploy to raise campaign donations is reporting results of the survey by Public Policy Polling, a Democrat-leaning firm that is credited with a high degree of accuracy in forecasts for the 2012 elections, as giving a slight edge to Democratic challenger Mark Schauer.

The poll involved 578 registered--not likely--voters and used only landline calling and internet questioning.  It had a margin of error of plus or minus 4.1%.

It found residents evenly split at 40% with a full 20%  yet to make a decision on a candidate.

More Democrats were polled than Republicans.   Some analysts say that could be good news for the Republican governor by indicating many Democrats are considering a vote for him..

The PPP poll is in contrast to other surveys which give Snyder the edge.

The polling firm attributed Schauer's gain to the launch of television ads in his support.  Statistics show that he has spent none of his own money so far in this election cycle, while Governor Snyder has spent about a million dollars.

While Snyder supporters are questioning the validity of the polling, those with the Schauer campaign say the numbers should indicate that the governor has something to be worried about.

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