Just a day after the latest defeat for President Barack Obama at the hands of the U. S. Supreme Court, comes more bad news for the administration.

The Health Care Website still with problems and corrections aren't coming quickly enough....


The Detroit News is reporting today the results of a new report on how well sign-ups for the President's healthcare law are going.  And the findings are .....not so well.

The inspector general of the Health and Human Services department says the administraton has been unable to resolve 2.6 million so-called "inconsistencies" with those looking to enroll in a health plan.

The number is a significant percentage of the nearly 3 million problems in total recorded from October through December of last year.

The report indicates that most of the issues stem from the government's inability to confirm  income information that would qualify applicants for a taxpayer-funded subsidy to help pay their monthly premiums and citizenship.

The information apparently is not matching what the feds have on record.

There are reports as well today that the governor still is having problems with security of information from log-ins.  The concerns over lack of security is what prompted many  from signing on early in the enrollment period.

The reports are just the latest headache for the White House in what was and continues to be a rocky rollout of the health care law.

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