Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker is the surprise early leader in Iowa as the road to the 2016 election starts to take shape.

A new Des Moines Register poll shows Walker in first place. But his lead is razor thin over Kentucky Senator Rand Paul 16 to 15 percent. First place in a tightly packed field is better than any of the alternatives, but it’s not that big a deal this far out.

I am a bit surprised and pleased at the same time. You see Walker has made a good run through some of the most radical left wingers in the nations heartland. In fact after being forced into a recall for scaling back union power in Wisconsin- Walker has actually been elected three times in less than four years. To say he has been baptized by fire would be an apt description.

The truth is however in a wide open year and a potentially very bloated field of contenders being in front is better than the alternative but really it doesn’t mean much at all. If he is ahead after voters make their decision in Iowa- well that would be something quite different.