Ignoring evil does not make it go away. Ignoring Auschwitz 70 years ago did not make the suffering, torture and murder of tens of thousands of souls any less grisly or horrific. Ignoring ISIL today when it’s atrocities reached new depths of depravity by burning a captured pilot alive does not go away by looking elsewhere.

Evil flourishes when good men do nothing. It is time to say enough. It is time for America to become policeman to the world. No one else can handle the job so we must!

How many heads must be severed with pocketknives? How many children must be slaughtered? How many more acts of pure evil must we witness?

It seems we may just wait until that evil cruises right into our front yard and begins destroying lives before we act. I say no more. I say the time for action is now America. We have been for decades the moral compass and we must get our bearings before this sickness of Radical Islamic Terrorism spreads any further.

Wake up America, please.