The newly released $4 Billion dollar budget put forth by Barack Hussein Obama slashes Michigan in several ways but none so heinous as the Great lakes. His budget calls for a $50 million cut to a federal program that cleans up the Great Lakes. Amazing that all the talk of progressive reforms and programs are forgotten in the blink of an eye.

The budget requests $250 million for the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative. That is a cut of $50 million and that is no small thing. But have no fear the budget calls for billions to be spent on so called ‘green energy’. What on earth is more green than protecting 20% of the world’s fresh water and making sure it’s clean, healthy and safe?

Michigan Senator, Democrat Debbie Stabenow said she is "extremely disappointed" in the budget cuts. "That is why as Co-Chair of the Great Lakes Task Force I will continue to push for funding and policies that support Great Lakes projects that protect our drinking water, combat invasive species, and protect wildlife habitats". All of which would be much more interesting if Stabenow ever actually stood up to the President on your behalf or mine.

The truth is President Obama is squandering billions of dollars on failed green policies that line the pockets of companies like Siemens while letting the Great Lakes, a proven ecological success over billions of years, get pushed to the back of the line.

Anyone for a glass of water?