Governor Rick Snyder announced on Tuesday that he would grant $2 million to help improve the municipal water system in Flint.

The grants will designate $900,000 to hire a contractor to find leaks in the city water lines through a leak detection survey.  The other $1.1 million will go toward shutting down and replacing the incinerator for the Water Pollution Control Facility.

Residents have been complaining about the way the water smells, tastes and the dirty color.  The city of Flint's water source is the Flint River.  According to the city the water is safe to drink but the federal government has cited Flint.  The citation was for high levels of disinfectant byproducts.

Last year Flint separated itself from the city of Detroit's water system.  They are currently building a line to Lake Huron.

Several volunteers and community members have been distributing bottled water for the residents.  Tuesday morning Congressman Dan Kildee's office handed out thousands of gallons of bottled water.  Bottled water in Flint is flying off the shelves as soon as it is stocked.