Officials in East Lansing are hoping the release of pictures taken from a surveillance video will finally lead to clues as to the identify of the killer of a Michigan State University student last week.

20 Year old Dominique Nolff died after being shot several times during an altercation at the Cedar Village Apartment Complex Friday night around 9 o'clock.  Video from the stairwell of the building showed a man arriving and leaving around the time of the murder.

He is described as a black male in his early to mid 20's who had his jacket hood pulled up in one of the photos, presumably to conceal his identity.  He also is believed to have cuts or bruising on his face from the altercation.

There is still no word on a motive for the attack but officials do not believe the murder of Nolff and the assault on another student to be a random act of violence.

They are asking anyone who could have information on the suspect to contact the East Lansing Police Department.