The man accused of breaching several levels of security at the Ionia Correctional Facility in a highly publicized prison break, is fighting extradition back to Michigan.

40 year old Michael David Elliot refused to waive his extradition hearing Tuesday that would allowed for him to be immediately returned to the state to face charges here in connection with the February 2nd escape .  He is facing a number of chargest, including, carjacking and kidnapping.  The victim, identified as Cheryl Vanwormer of Belding, told police Elliot forced his way into her Jeep Liberty that was parked along the side of a road while she was out checking an address for her Census Bureau job.  The woman was able to escape in Indiana when the two stopped for gas.

Elliot is said to have broken into a church there to steal knives and clothing.  He then allegedly stole another car parked near a restaurant and took off yet again.

He was eventually arrrested after a routine traffic stop.  It was then that Elliot confirmed his identity to the officer and was taken into custody.  Police describe Elliot as very polite, complying with the officer's wishes but did not say anything to them.

Proscutors will now work with state officials in filing the paperwork to force Elliot back to Michigan.  They say that could take some time, though.