While prison officials are waiting for Michael David Elliott to be extradited back to Michigan, there comes concern over how the convicted mass killer could have walked away from the Ionia Correctional Facility.

Elliott is said to have not only made it out of the facility, but past two fences--one of them electric. He also somehow eluded a motion detector.   Those from the Michigan Department of Corrections say those security devices alone should have thwarted the escape, but inexplicably didn't.

It's believed as well that Elliott was able to get a white kitchen uniform that provided camouflage as he navigated through the prison ground's massive snowfall to make his escape.  He was eventually arrested in Indiana.

The security breach has even garnered the attention of Governor Snyder who is calling for a complete investigation into the Ionia County facility and its security measures.  The warden says changes are already underway to ensure such an incident doesn't happen again.  Snyder says the public safety is at issue and those convicted of violent crimes must be watched more closely.

According to Corrections Department officials,.Elliott, who was convicted of four murders--including two women---back in 1993 near Midland, was given privleges due to his good behavior in the medium-security prison.

When returned to Michigan, Elliott will be facing a number of additional charges due to the escape, carjacking, hostage-taking, and robbery.