Eastwood Towne Center lost a few stores last year but they gain two new stores coming in the next few weeks. According to the Eastwood Towne Center website, they are going to be bringing in a new Old Navy store as well as Women's Clothing Store and Accessory store Dry Goods.

The Old Navy will be located at 2820 Towne Centre Blvd, so that means it will probably take the place of the Schuler's Book store that once took up that space. Meanwhile the Dry Goods store will be located at 3035 Preyde Blvd., so most likely it will be in the area of the new Xfinity store. Both stores don't have an opening day yet but they are looking to be open before Spring.

If you don't know what Dry Goods is, its a Women's clothing store as well as also selling accessories and jewelry. You can learn more about the store here. 

Also you can see everything at Eastwood Towne Center here, as well check out when sales are going at stores and if any stores have gotten moved.

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