This goes to the most underappreciated at times, and most abused in the retail business. I see you, I feel you and I respect you.

Part-time away from the mic, I work for a retail store. I did not hire in onto the customer service team, rather our pricing team in the store, so I don't tend to deal with customers a lot. That was until I got trained to run a register.

Let me just say, you guys are the superheroes of the retail business.

I want to believe that the customer's grab what they need around the store, and find everything they do and do not like about the store, the workers, the products, the products we don't carry, and let it all out on the cashier.

Sometimes, it's fun banter between the customer. Others, it's like we are practically your personal therapist, which can be fine in itself too. What we don't always appreciate is the uncalled rudeness.

Let me begin by saying this. Not a single person who is at a register (typically) is a manager. So, if you have complaints, you can let us know, but unless we are a manager, nothing we do or say can help you. We just work there as I like to say.

But back to the men and women who deserve a round of applause. Sure, every department is as important. But, most customers do not talk or treat most team members the way they do to the cashiers at the front.

While they may be the men and women of steel, they deserve your respect. They have feelings, and they are probably as feed up or annoyed as you are. They are only there to get money to go to college, support their family, support themselves. They don't want or need you to take your uncalled and unjust anger out on them.

If you ever feel the need to complain, feel free to do so. But if it is how the store is running, or that you can't find an employee to help you at the sports desk, remember, we are understaffed, underappreciated at times and are just doing our best.

If you truly would like to complain negativley and rudely, find a manager. That's what they are there for. Not the people ringing you up.

In closing to cashiers everywhere. You are doing great. You ARE appreciated, and you've always got me if you need help.

Like I always say. We can't get through life if we all don't work together.

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