Conservatives on TV and radio are throwing a fit today. It seems Donald Trump sat down in front of cameras yesterday with both Democrats and Republicans and said let's fix immigration. He said he would even make a deal on DACA before moving on to border security and other issues. Democrats and CNN were among the first to praise the President for his transparency. Conservatives lashed out against Trump for tossing his campaign pledge in the toilet.

But don’t worry, Trump will never get a good deal on DACA or immigration reform it simply isn’t possible. The indignant voices of conservative TV and radio pundits should relax as should those on the left. Never Trumpers can also take a deep breath this President has no chance at all of getting something done on this issue.

Let’s be honest, Donald Trump will never run for President. He certainly will never overcome the most talented field in Republican history to run for The White House and even if he did he will never go the distance. It simply isn’t possible for Donald Trump to be elected President. It will never happen.

President Trump will be impeached or removed from office by way of the 25th Amendment. That is certain. Bob Mueller will be the man who takes this President down. Trump will be indicted for colluding with the Russians to win the campaign. He can never accomplish anything in office.

Donald Trump will never get a Supreme Court Justice nominated and would never stand a chance to get them confirmed. Trump will never be able to beat ISIS on the battlefield.

Donald Trump will surely take us to war with China and Russia and North Korea and get us all killed before his first 100 days are up.

There is no question that the economy will tank under President Trump, not that he would be able to get elected anyway. Unemployment would not drop if Trump were President. GDP would not go up and unemployment would not go down. America would be doomed under a Trump Presidency and certainly he would never be able to accomplish much of anything.

President Trump will never be able to secure tax reform and lower taxes on the middle class and corporations in America. President Trump can talk all he wants but he will never be able to leave the Trans Pacific Partnership or the Paris Climate Accords and he will have no way to ever re-open and re-negotiate NAFTA.

These things are just not possible and for that reason it is easy to conclude that President Donald Trump will never be able to push through immigration reform that addresses DACA, gets a border wall and creates a merit system for new immigrants going forward.

Liberals, conservatives, Never-Trumpers and media elite have dialed this one in and have this figured out. This is settled science. The polls also make it clear that Americans don’t believe Trump will ever get nominated. He will certainly never get elected President. He will never accomplish anything as President and he certainly will never be able to do anything about immigration. I mean seriously how dense are you.

It will never happen because it’s just is not possible!

And there is absolutely no chance he will ever get re-elected either. You can take that to the bank along with everything else!

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