Are you good at hide and seek?

How good are you at code breaking to discover treasure?

Well if you are, you might be able to find $100,000 in cash and another $900,000 in art work.

Mlive is reporting about a Kalamazoo man named Gurmej Singh who calls himself Artist SinGh.  He has told Mlive that he hid these prizes somewhere in Kent County and they have yet to be discovered.

During his interview with Mlive he stated:

The prize is still out there waiting to be found. There are a lot of people out there that are following this.

He went on to say they he placed a geo-locating device to the treasure that would notify him when the prize is found.

Apparently SinGh published a poem which he states holds clues to the location of this hidden treasure. He titled the poem “The Message” and here it is:


 I am the Black Widow

in the land of the rich and powerful.

Though webbing is freedom of expression,

they will stop you at their own discretion.

If you don’t pay heed, they’ll kill,

yet the widow fights the creature’s evil will.

It was a day when the winds were calm,

and the conversational fire had died in arms.

The water tasted good…and “X the Artprize…I should?”

It’s not a protest, but it’s the name I took, and you should look in the book.

It’s a puzzle made in heaven: in my book, my painting shook the meaning it took.

One painting I took, singled out from the rest. I looked,

and there it was: one clue, like water in blue,

but if you stick it with the rest, it will cheat you at best.

If you read my book right, you’re bright.

Number 44 is the one that I like—

it’s an important event that affected my life.

I don’t call it black, and an infamous status I don’t lack,

Only the perception hidden behind the bite.

I hold so tight so as not to bite.

Now that you have an idea of how to reach me,

within the window of your mind come find me.

Open the chest, somewhere in the west,

bearing the great Artist SinGh’s logo.

It’s in the blue, and that’s my last clue.

Will others wait in line to test the truth of time?

Pour out the tears to see it nice and clear.

I know it’s hard to reach, so listen to what I teach:

When you’re breathless and tired, safety’s enquired;

When muscles are sore, it’s not safe to score.

—Black Widow

There is always a catch and here it is, he says the main clues to find the treasure can be found in a 125 page code book that he is selling for  $39.99 titled "X the ArtPrize: Clue Book to Finding Treasure Worth 1 million dollars."

The question is can you trust that the cash is actually hidden somewhere and who valued the art at $900,000.  Though it may be a fun thing to attempt to discover during these cold dreary months we are locked up in our homes.

Good luck if you try and do I get a commission if you actually do find it.

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