The death toll so far is zero following tax reform for America. I looked today and the sky was not falling despite so many predictions that would happen by now. We are not in a way and Republicans are negotiating a deal on immigration reform.

This is simply not possible!

The tax bill according to Nancy Pelosi would certainly be “Armageddon.” Well News Flash, Donald Trump won, he is still President and as his predecessor so aptly pointed out, elections have consequences. Today we have tax reform for the first time in a generation. Massive consequential tax reform that will cut the amount of money owed to the government by about 85% of Americans. Believe it or not the ones that will get hit hardest are those many of you would consider rich but not super rich. That segment of the population will get soaked in this deal because of the way the numbers fall.

By the way how is that resistance thing going?

In the first year let’s look at some of the things that have happened with Donald Trump in the White House:

Major tax reform

United States left TPP

America stepped away from Paris Climate Agreement

Neil Gorsuch became a Supreme Court Justice

The Dow has set 70 records and is up over 5,000 points

Unemployment is down to 4.1%, lowest in nearly 20 years

1.8 million new jobs have been created

Regulations have been slashed

Illegal border crossings have crashed

ISIS is decimated and on the run

U.S. Home sales hit 11 year high

Oh, and now we are having a serious conversation about how to deal with millions of illegal aliens and how to enforce our borders. Put that in your medical marijuana pipe and smoke it!

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