Mr. President; they will pay any price just to get you, they will trade a good life for bad, they will suffer anything and be glad. They will work all their lives yes they will and stand naked stoned and stabbed. If you lose, they will call that a bargain. The very best they have ever had.

Al Franken’s resignation may appear to be a big deal but what you’re watching is really a cold and calculated political move to further undermine Donald Trump politically. In reality Franken will be leaving a seat in a state with a Democratic Governor and therefore he will be replaced by one of his own far left socialists. Minnesota will feel exactly zero impact from his departure.

Franken is a painless sacrifice for the Democrats because it has no practical effect except for it’s value to use it to pummel Republicans as an example of how true and good and right liberals are. There is also something else you should know; Al Franken has been polling terrible in Minnesota and likely would have bowed out anyway before the next go-round.

Make no mistake, the Democrats will go after the President and are willing to pay any price if it means bringing down his administration. That has been the singular goal for nearly all Democrats and nearly all members of the national news media since day one. They are so incensed that “uneducated white voters” denied Hillary Clinton, the person they had already chosen to be President, the White House. They had plans for how things would keep going in The Swamp. When that didn’t happen and the news anchors on network news had tears fill their eyes, many on the left filled with indignant rage. This simply would not stand!

Within 48 hours of the shocking political failure of Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump’s ascension to President-Elect, stories of the Fusion GPS allegations were beginning to bubble to the surface along with wild accusations that the Trump Campaign had some how colluded with Russia to interfere with the 2016 election. So far no evidence of that has actually been found even though the inquiry led to the hiring of former FBI Director Bob Mueller to allegedly investigate the Russian connection. Mueller’s team is now running far and wide looking for something, anything to hit President Trump with in the hope they can some how nullify the will of the people and bring down his Presidency. Despite the removal of at least two senior members of Mueller’s team for anti-Trump rhetoric and the demotion of another his investigation is plowing forward with no end in sight and an exploding bill. Mueller’s team has picked up three and a half million dollars so far and that is just the beginning I am afraid. Again, it is of no concern to the liberals and anti-Trumper’s who will bear any burden and pay any price to run this President out of town.

One thing however you may have missed is that Franken has left himself an out. The Senator saying he plans to resign sometime in the next few weeks is very different from stepping down on the spot. No, he wants to vote on taxes and the possible government shutdown but mostly wants to see what the voters of Alabama do in the special race for Senate to be decided next Tuesday.

If Roy Moore, himself accused of numerous liaisons and improprieties with teenaged girls, some as young as 14, loses in Alabama, so long Al Franken. But what if Roy Moore wins the race to fill the seat left behind by Jeff Sessions? Franken left open the possibility that he could say, ‘wait a minute’; I think the people of Minnesota should actually get a chance to decide what happens here. Franken would be bucking orders from New York Senator Chuck Schumer but at that point will it matter? Make a note that Franken is a long way from hitting the door and he left that door wide open for him to change his mind depending on what happens on the political landscape over the next few days and weeks.

Meanwhile, the Democrats are crafting their next plan of attack which for the first time in a very long time doesn’t include Hillary Clinton. Have you noticed how eerily silent she has been for a little while? It seems maybe Hillary realizes the next time she prattles on about her crusade for women, someone might just start naming names again like Juanita Broaderick, Paula Jones or Monica Lewinski. Terms like forcible rape might just leak into the conversation and over shadow the crude aggressive habits of Al Franken.

And now let me tell you what happens when someone is actually concerned if the allegations are on the mark. Case in point is now former Congressman Trent Franks of Arizona. Franks stepped down after he was accused of inappropriate behavior toward two members of his staff. Now it is important to be clear, Franks an 8-term Congressman says he did nothing wrong and was surprised to learn he’d offended anyone with his comments. The issues arose during a time that he and his wife were looking for a surrogate mother to carry a child for them. But regardless, Franks after learning of the concerns decided to step away rather that battle with his accusers.

For those in the “Get Trump At Any Price” crowd, Franks will be a disappointment because it will fly against their false narrative that Democrats are taking the high road and as pure as the driven show while all Republicans are degenerates who endorse and embrace perverts.

Don’t expect this to end until one of three things happens; President Trump is impeached and removed from office, President Trump resigns the Presidency or President Trump dies. Anything short of those three things and the virulent left will be working on finding ways to make any of those come to pass, no matter the personal cost to some or the long term damage to the Republic.

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