With all the outrage over President Trump’s decision to finally recognize Jerusalem as the Capital of Israel, you would think something really dramatic had happened but that really isn’t the case. In fact, the decision to recognize the Capital and move the American Embassy from Tel Aviv was made in 1995 during the first term of President Bill Clinton. Congress voted overwhelmingly for the move with massive bipartisan support in 1995.

Oh, and Jerusalem has always been the Israeli Capital. The parliament is there, the Prime Minister is there and the center of government is there. We have just decided to recognize that fact and put our embassy there too.

The only thing that changed today was our position on agreeing that Jerusalem is the Capital. And like so many other things he has done, President Trump didn’t make a dramatic jump but instead decided to move slowly and said moving the Embassy would take at least four years.

The over reaction by those that are anti-Trump no matter what he does tells you a lot about what a good decision this is. It is also the first time in decades that America is trying something different to move the conversation forward and hopefully find a path to peace that has been so elusive for so long. In fact I have been watching news stories about Middle East Peace my whole life and nothing seems to change too much. The Camp David Peace Accords were a huge deal we were told in 1979 with a deal brokered by President Jimmy Carter between Egypt’s Anwar Sadat and Israel’s Menachem Begin. Despite all the fanfare here we are.

Good for the President for trying a different path. It is one applauded by Israeli President Benjamin Netanyahu and United States United Nations Ambassador Nikki Haley and derided by the Pope. Let history be the judge.

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