The Democrats believed Hillary Clinton, despite her miserable campaign and a personality that could make a Nun swear, was going to get back into the White House with what they expected would be an easy victory over Donald Trump. After all they’d concluded months before the election that the New York real estate developer was a bloviating blow-hard that had no chance at all of winning. In fact, some worked to help him get to the nomination because they thought he would be a very weak candidate. Most inside the Beltway Republicans however never believed that were even possible let alone him ever winning the General Election.

No, Hillary Clinton would win easily over this buffoon if he ever made it through the primaries, which was doubtful. This was her time and that was that.

Democrats and others dwelling in The Swamp chuckled and groused each time ‘The Donald’ made an outrageous remark or chanted, “lock her up.” His antics would never be ready for prime time and as the summer headed into fall they regularly pummeled him along with their willing co-conspirators in the national media. So convinced of Hillary’s impending victory, President Barack Obama and the Democrats never made too much out of the alleged Russian meddling in the election or concerned themselves much with such trivial matters as the American people actually learning the truth about things they’d done. I mean no one would ever actually know the truth that slithered in the darkness beyond the light of day.

Democrats and Republicans never gave a thought to the idea that America might find out one day that Hillary was never actually questioned under oath about her “grossly negligent” handling of classified material. Those in-the-know in Washington didn’t really consider the implications of Americans finding out that it was the Hillary Clinton Campaign and The Democratic National Committee that actually funded the false Steele Dossier that was put together after those two groups paid more than $13 Million dollars to Fusion GPS. I mean the dossier itself was never a big deal. They knew it was a pile of garbage and realized it didn’t make any difference anyway because Donald Trump could never overcome the lead Hillary had built according to their polling across the nation.

They certainly didn’t anticipate the thundering revelations of Peter Strzok’s stunning role in just about everything of significance in American politics over the last year and a half. If Hillary had just won the race she was supposed to win we wouldn’t know that it was Strzok that changed the critical phrase in James Comey’s incredibly unusual statement to the world on July 5th about her handling of classified emails from “grossly negligent” to “extremely careless”. We would never have learned that Strzok’s change in phrasing let Hillary off the hook for her reckless behavior. If Hillary had just won in Wisconsin and Pennsylvania we wouldn’t have learned that Strzok was there while Hillary had her holiday conversation with the FBI. We cannot call it anything else because she was never put under oath or recorded and no stenographer was invited to memorialize the musings either. I am guessing that much like Loretta Lynch and Bill Clinton they just shared cookies and told funny stories about grandkids and missed putts on the 18th green.

You know if Hillary Clinton hadn’t been steamrolled by a movement originating in America’s heartland that said we are so sick and tired of ‘business as usual’ that we will elect a loud mouthed New Yorker with a penchant for vulgarity, with a parade of women, we wouldn’t know that it was that tawdry, unverified dossier that actually launched the obsession by Liberals, Democrats and Never Trumpers to become obsessed with nullifying the election results. If Hillary had just done what she was supposed to and won the race that was all but granted her by ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, The New York Times and The Washington Post among others, we never would have learned that Agent Strzok was also a Trump hating G-man with a penchant for using his power to turn things his way. In fact, we wouldn’t have known that Strzok was James Comey’s number one counter intelligence guy. We would never have learned that he was also Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s number one counter intelligence guy in the investigation of alleged collusion between Donald Trump’s Campaign and Russians. In fact Mueller would never have fired Strzok at all if Hillary had just won like she was supposed to because there never would have been a put on Russian investigation.

But alas, Hillary didn’t win and now we are learning so much about what really goes on in Washington. We have learned that many of our top law enforcement officials simply don’t think the same laws as you or I cover them too. I mean how would you explain Bob Mueller, the former FBI Director refusing to turn over hateful emails and texts sent from Mr. Strzok about President Trump to his mistress. By the way, that mistress who apparently also adored Hillary Clinton just as Strzok did, is an FBI attorney. Well, at least for now she is.

We also wouldn’t have learned Strzok also interviewed Huma Abedin, Cheryl Mills and other top aides of Hillary Clinton and exposing the investigation for what it was, nothing more than theater to cover up the truth. We also wouldn’t have realized that part of the ongoing set-up of the Trump Administration would include going to any length to find something to pin on the President, because we wouldn’t know that it was Agent Strzok that also interviewed former National Security Advisor, General Michael Flynn.

We would never have known that the whole thing was rigged like a feature match on WWE. We would have just kept believing that the fake matches were real. But thanks to Hillary we now know the awful truth about what really was going on and what is still going on.

If Hillary Clinton had just won the election on November 8th of 2016 we also would never have known how bitter she could be or how bitter the entire Washington establishment could be for blowing what should have been a slam-dunk. We never would have witnessed the near meltdown of scores of news presenters on national and international TV that began last November and in large part continues to this day. We never would have realized just how far those Swamp Dwellers would honestly go to defend their turf. After all, this is not Trumps town, it’s theirs and they aim to keep it.

It seems however that after all of these months and all the revelations some are beginning to come around to the realization that the collusion with Russia didn’t involve the Trump campaign but rather a host of folks from the Clinton Camp, the DNC and yes Republicans too. The Wall Street Journal, that has been one of the leaders of the Never Trumpers far more often than not has finally realized they have been played and admitted this week that Bob Mueller’s so called investigation has lost it’s credibility. More revelations about Mueller digging into 20-year-old German financial records of the President in a desperate bid to find something, anything to use as ammunition against Mr. Trump reeks of desperation.

Just think of all the things you never would have known, if only Hillary had won.

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