America is being torn down the middle by a caustic culture war like we’ve never seen before. Powerful forces on the left have infiltrated our nation's schools and are increasingly sexualizing our children at younger and younger ages. America's universities work to destroy any fragment of patriotism that might still remain by indoctrinating college kids with false narratives about America as an unfair place. They plunder the history books to re-write our past and claim the vast majority of American history is something we should be deeply ashamed. At the same time they savage the likes of Thomas Jefferson, George Washington and those that risked their lives and their fortunes to stand up to the most powerful country in the world to create a nation “dedicated to the proposition that all me are created equal.” They conveniently ignore the principals established in The Bill of Rights to exercise religion freely, to speak freely, to assemble freely and to live freely in the pursuit of your own unique dreams, no matter what those may be.

The Founding Fathers recognized that rights came from our Creator and not from men. They forged ahead and declared these rights to be inalienable rights that simply could not be taken away by any government because they are not theirs to take.

But guess what? That's exactly what many in the modern Democratic Party and those on the left are right now trying to do. They're trying to strip you of your First Amendment freedom of speech, because deep down they must know that their arguments are based primarily upon failed socialist ideology and illogical emotions which are completely unable to compete in the marketplace of ideas with the historically proven track record of Capitalism and the Judeo-Christian values our country was founded upon. They cannot successfully fight back against The American System.

The left loves to call Conservative Christians science deniers for believing in the Holy Bible's story of creation and for having serious doubts concerning the science involved with climate change. But many on the left seem to have no grasp at all on the most basic concepts of biology. Despite the scientific proof we have from prenatal ultrasounds, beautifully shot photographs and videos all taken inside of the mothers womb, the left still claims that it isn't a baby growing inside of the mother but rather just a blob of tissues until its born. And once the child is born, those same people are hopelessly confused as to what gender the child actually is. The truth is they have become Gender Deniers and refuse to accept thousands of years of accepted science. Many of them believe the child's gender will be fluid throughout the day and can possibly completely change over time. But then again, what can we really expect from people who get their biology lessons from their humanities teachers instead of their science professors.

If you dare to engage them in any form of intelligent conversation on the topic, or almost any topic for that matter, they will try to label and shame you with words like misogynist, racist, xenophobic, transphobic or the recent favorite, Nazi. For many that still isn’t enough and they target employers attempting to get people fired they don’t agree with. This has had a chilling effect on dialogue because many who disagree just keep the mouths closed and their heads down. They are allowing these Domestic Cultural Terrorists to scream their hateful propaganda almost unchallenged in many places, including those college campuses we discussed. The most militarized wing of the leftist movement is Antifa, which employs violent Fascist tactics while they claim to be attacking fascists. Good people have been left bloody and hospitalized for daring to have a different opinion than the angry Marxist mobs of Antifa soldiers.

Novelist and Philosopher Ayn Rand, the author of Atlas Shrugged said “In any compromise between good and evil, it is only evil that can profit.” And that's all you need to know about compromising with the alt-left. Whenever you compromise with something you know to be right and what's in the best interest of our country, then only evil can profit. Let me be clear compromise on the Constitution is evil. Playing with the God-given inalienable rights of our progeny and theirs is evil and it will not stand.

This is a culture war and the left isn't taking any prisoners. We The People have been losing ground over the last half of a century because we keep compromising with the people on the left. Now we seem to be making compromises with people on the far left. We must elect leaders that are unwilling to compromise with evil and we ourselves must stand up against our liberal friends and properly shame them for their failed ideas. They have no problem trying to smear you for your sound values and for your simple human decency, so why are you so afraid to call them out and shame them for their completely indefensible and often anti-American ideologies?

We have allowed the left to win far too many battles. Our children and our nation is now paying for it and the time has come to say no more. Notify universities that you won't be donating to them as long as they continue to pursue leftist indoctrination of students. Call your local school administration, school board members and switchboards and tell them you will vote down each and every upcoming millage as long as they keep sexualizing our youth and turning them against proven American values. Let your political leaders both left and right know they won't be able to count on your vote or the vote of your friends as long as they keep promoting or compromising with leftist ideology.

Yes, we have lost many battles but we can still win this war and we will win this culture war if we stand up and make our voices heard. After all, it's our country, it's our voice, and it's within our power to take America back.

So let's stand up and fight for her values together and let's make America, America again!

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