I am a little confused and maybe you can help me. Now I am sure that I will be called out of touch, a neocon or more likely a racist for my nagging question. None of which is true; it is a serious and practical question that begs an answer.

So here we go; how can a person expect to get a job and pursue the ‘American Dream’ with his pants dangling around his knees, covered in tattoos with a ball cap on sideways? Couple this with a dialogue that is some perversion of the English language that most of us cannot even decipher. Do you really expect that you can get a job that will support your family, pay the bills and help you get ahead now and plan for retirement?

This is not a question of race as many on the left would jump to accuse me of asking. In fact I have seen more white ‘kids’ (I use the term kids loosely as I have seen grown men into their 30‘s in this get up) donning these ridiculous outfits than any other ethnic group. I’m sorry but this is not some ‘cultural’ form of expression. This is the behavior of fringe elements of our society. This is the kind of behavior that leads... well frankly nowhere I can figure.

My advice is simple: pull up your pants and go get a job. Honestly you could not hold a normal job with this outfit when you have one hand hanging onto your pants all of the time whilst they fall to the ground.

I think the best way to settle any argument about this is to direct those that would attack me to watch any network news or sports program. Race and gender are of no issue here. Those that I see on these many programs are truly dressed for success. These are clear examples of how to pursue success no matter what you look like in the mirror.

Yes I know I am out of touch. I can live with that.

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