I wrote this originally in February, 2016. Now knowing that Hillary rigged the primary and rigged the DNC to favor her, it seems she's the now doing the rigging.

Hillary Clinton that Bernie Sanders took the stage again for debate number 6 in Wisconsin. Both gave a litany of what’s wrong with America: stagnate wages, a crumbling middle class, income inequality, an economy that isn’t working, not enough reliable jobs, not working enough hours and much more.

They both say America is rigged in favor of the rich and poor people are getting screwed.

Well that’s funny. Hasn’t the most progressive President in American history been on the job expanding government to unprecedented levels and spending us into oblivion along the way? Yes, is the simple answer.

Just so you and everyone understands, despite the obvious failure of the Obama progressive government expansion both Clinton and Sanders stand on the stage and declare we need more government.

Good grief. Are they really that stupid or just that power hungry? Either way it is suicide for the republic.

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