The Michigan-Michigan State rivalry spans many different battlefields, and today a new one may have blossomed.

Michigan State head basketball coach Tom Izzo is featured in a clip that was posted today by Judge Mathis' official YouTube page. Take a look.

Pretty cool cameo for Izzo. You have to love that he just can't contain himself when Mathis talks about his record against Ohio State, which by the way is 27-15 as of this season. That's a strong shoutout from Judge Mathis.

"Where does Michigan come into play with this?" you might be asking.

Well, Michigan head football coach Jim Harbaugh is also a fan of daytime courtroom TV. However, it's not Judge Mathis' show, Harbaugh is a BIG fan of Judge Judy.

Like really big, even garnering replies from her on Twitter.

Or how about "nominate her to the Supreme Court" big. That's the fandom level we are talking about.

Maybe Judges Mathis and Judy have a deep-seeded daytime courtroom rivalry we don't know about. But we know some of their most notable supporters and former audience members do, and that's good enough.

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