It's TikTok Tuesday and, once again, I'm surprised this content creator has somehow gone under our radar for so long.

Blake Kuzma, or @thetiktokblake on TikTok, has gained over 162,000 followers and over 6 million likes on the app. And, once you take a look at her videos, you can understand why.

Her bio simply reads,

Sometimes we talk about weddings
Nerds of all kinds welcome ❤️
Emma Stone?

Her wedding content seems to be the most popular on the app. One of my favorites, as I was scrolling through her profile, was a video calling out her own Pinterest wedding board she created in high school:

That donut board in place of a cake is, honestly, genius.

I don't know a single millennial-aged person who didn't have at least one Pinterest board dedicated to their "dream" wedding. And, thank GOODNESS a lot of us didn't stick to it as we get older. Speaking personally....yikes.

An alumni of Western Michigan University (according to her Instagram), Blake's most-viewed videos focus not just on her wedding but the complications, preparations, and joys that go along with getting married:

Like practicing a "cute laugh" for the wedding photos

How to deal with people other than your photographer snapping shots during the ceremony

And, finding the perfect look for both you and your partner

You know...the more I watch the more she reminds me of Emma Stone. I see, now, why that's included in her bio.

But, it's not just wedding content that Blake shares. She also touches on insecurities and how to work WITH them when picking out outfits

And, judging by this video, she's also on her journey of becoming a former people pleaser. Welcome to the club, Blake. It's a tough journey:

Overall, I would say she radiates positivity and kindness in just about every video I've watched. If you're in the mood for relatable wedding content or just need something happy on your feed, check out @thetiktokblake on TikTok.

Blake was actually nominated which we appreciate! We know there are a ton of creators out there in SW Michigan that we just haven't stumbled across yet and that's where you come in.

If you know someone we should feature or want to be featured yourself, just fill out the short submission form below. Reminder: we're looking for creators in SW Michigan with at least 10,000 followers:

Who knows? We could be featuring you next week for TikTok Tuesday.

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