It seems everyone has a different word for the snow that festers behind your tires.

It Turns Out Everyone Has A Different Word For The Snow Behind Your Tires

It's another thing no one can agree on. What do you call the icy accumulation of snow behind your tires as you drive on snow covered roads?

I always referred to it as a carsicle, but a quick survey of listeners this morning found that everyone seems to have a different word for it.

But there's one thing we can all agree on, it is delightfully refreshing to kick that stuff off our fender.

Here are some of the terms people call the snow build up behind our tires:

"Car Burg" -- this was called in by a woman who also carries a golf club with her to knock it loose.

"slush turtles" -- turtles? I don't see it.

"fender burgs" -- slightly more descriptive.

"snow boogers" or "tire snot" -- ties in with the runny noses we all get from the cold weather.

"snow turds" -- same as above, only a different leakage from a different area of the body.

"dirty snow in my wheel wells" -- said a MSU grad who clearly didn't study vocabulary.

"hitch hikers" -- I get it, it's snow hitching a ride to a new locale.

"a schlump" -- more Wisconsin sounding than I would like, but not bad.

"snard" -- says a person who claims this word came from a NPR program. Look at the big brain on Brad!

"chunkers" -- direct and to the point.

"slush puppies" -- until they freeze solid.

"toe breakers" -- when you kick them and they hold tight.

Here's a few more for you:

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