A long life to live is all I want. I understand that what I do to my body will help determine that outcome. Other factors like environment will also play a role in that too. A community with great, local sustainability is where I want to live.

Photo Credit: RiverNorthPhotography via Canva Pro
Photo Credit: RiverNorthPhotography via Canva Pro

Michigan has one of the top 25 cities in the U.S. that is one of the most sustainable in the United States. That's something the Mitten should be proud of. For those that don't know what the term "sustainability" means we need to figure that out.

What does local sustainability mean? Smart Asset defines it as:

Local sustainability means cleaner, more efficient and resilient communities. For residents, that translates into more opportunities for a higher quality of life – specifically, economic growth, a smaller carbon footprint and better health.

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To come up with the data, Smart Asset used the following:

SmartAsset uncovered the most sustainable cities, comparing 94 of the largest cities across three categories considering topics of transportation, green efficiency and climate resilience. Our analysis does not account for projections for the future and only reflects current and historic sustainability.

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The importance of transportation makes sense, espcially public transit. Fewer cars on the road and more people taking public transportation can leave a smaller carbon footprint on the Earth. Green efficiency is important because the more "green" we can be the better off the Earth will be. Cimate resilience, it's Michigan, we as residents are resilient ourselves when it comes to our resiliant climate.

Detroit Is The 22nd Most Sustainable City In U.S.

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Detroit represents well with a transportation score of 83.24, green efficiency score of 38.24, climate resilience score of 56.88 and overall ranking index of 59.45.

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