You have the legal right to bear arms with the proper licensing.

However, before you go over to your local weapons shop, you need to brush up on Michigan protocol.


If you need to know what weapons are illegal in the state of Michigan, the Michigan Penal Code Chapter 750, section 222 should be your new bestie.

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However, if you do not want to read the full penal code, I am breaking it down for you.

Machine guns

In the eyes of Michigan law, any firearm that can automatically fire more than one shot without having to be manually reloaded.

Automatic weapons

Any fully automatic firearms fall within this category.


Okeefe Law says,

While Michigan gun laws do not criminalize the possession of semiautomatic weapons, it is illegal to convert a semiautomatic gun into a fully automatic firearm. It's also against the law to sell the parts needed to complete that conversion.

Silencers & Mufflers

You cannot have anything that silences your gun. You also cannot modify your weapon in order to mimic a silencer or muffler.

Short-barreled shotguns

Anything "short-barreled" has:

  • one or more barrels' length is 18 inches or shorter, or
  • the overall length of the barrel is less than 26 inches

Keep in mind that it is also illegal to modify any legal shotgun into a short-barreled shotgun. There is, however, an exception in which these are legal "as permitted by federal law". Read more about the exceptions in the Michigan Penal Code Chapter 750 Section 224b.


Short-barreled rifles

These particular rifles fall into the same scope as the short-barrelled shotguns.

Same measurements. Same penalty. Same "as permitted by federal law" stipulation.

Armor-piercing ammunition

You may be thinking...ammunition is not an actual weapon.

Well, this particular projectile is illegal in the state of Michigan.

This category refers to projectiles for pistols specifically that are made with any of the following substance combinations:

  • tungsten alloys, steel, iron, bronze, brass, or beryllium copper
  • tungsten alloys, steel, iron, bronze, and/or brass, and
  • beryllium copper by itself

What happens if you have these illegal weapons?

According to Huron Valley Guns,

A person who possesses an illegal firearm may face felony prosecution resulting in imprisonment for up to five years or a fine of up to $2,500 or both.

Common Practices That Are Illegal in Michigan

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