The rioters are back in the streets of St. Louis after a former police officer was acquitted in the killing of a black suspect. It fails to occur to these folks that sometimes a black man can in fact be culpable in a shooting that results in their death. It seems that many folks are so immersed in ideology that they just cannot believe a black suspect may have actually done something wrong.

How bad is this insistence on ignoring the results from the legal system? Let me give you an example.

I was talking to a well-known liberal on Friday and he told me the acquittal of all 6 police officers in the Freddie Gray case in Baltimore was wrong because in fact, "they were all guilty!" Yep, despite being acquitted after being targeted for what many would call a malicious prosecution many on the left cling to the idea they are guilty anyway. To some of these true believers in America being a villain it doesn’t matter the case ended in favor of all 6 cops, in all jurisdictions including Federal and State courts. Liberals still insist they are guilty. They scream racism and white privilege despite the glaring facts like those in Baltimore; where the shift commander the day Freddie Gray was fatally injured was a black woman. The driver of the police van was also black as was another officer on the scene. That’s right, three of the officers accused outright of racism and supporting ‘white privilege’ were black. The first judge to reside over the first criminal case was black. He found the officer not guilty. None of this matters to many on the left, not one little bit.

Those that insist America is an unfair place rooted in racism and still being built on the backs of black and brown people will accept no other narrative. They will march in the streets yelling about fascism while hurling bricks, turning over police cars and torching neighborhoods. I guess their definition of social justice involves burning down a pharmacy and looting a liquor store. Sometimes it involves punching and kicking those that dare to have a different point of view. What they fail to realize is that the vast majority of us are sick and tired of the whole tawdry victimhood mentality and we aren’t buying it.

However, it is this resistance to truth and justice that is especially dangerous to us all. Refusing to accept the facts in a legal case creates a deadly environment that must be addressed before it goes any further. We are a nation of laws and we do not accept the lawless behavior of Che Guevera worshiping fools. It is time for zero tolerance of rioting in the streets in the name of, well I am not sure in what name or cause they are fighting for. I have seen so many misguided messages on signs at these events over the past few years I have come to the conclusion that we simply must return to law and order principals before anything else.

In the meantime, it seems the truth is burning in the streets from Baltimore to St. Louis to Berkley.

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