Former Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore could well be the canary in the coal mine for all establishment politicians who refuse to work with President Donald Trump on the agenda he was hired to execute. Moore is the renegade jurist who refused to remove the 10 Commandments from the courthouse in 2003. He was stripped of his position as Chief Justice as a result. He didn’t care he stuck to his maverick guns and blazed on. More recently after being re-elected as Chief Justice he was rebuked for ordering Alabama judges to enforce the states ban on same sex marriages. That order was in direct opposition to the ruling from The United States Supreme Court.

He is now running for the seat left behind by Jeff Sessions when he became Attorney General in the Trump Administration. Senator Luther Strange was appointed to fill the seat on an interim basis and is the establishment pick for the job but Moore is running ahead and bested Strange by 6-points in the August Republican Primary and triggered a run-off coming up soon.

Even the President endorsed Luther Strange but that has had little impact on the race and Roy Moore should be a loud and clear warning to all of those Republicans who are not taking seriously primary challenges that were also suggested by the President.

You see it is becoming ever more clear that voters just aren’t interested in politics as usual. Either do as you promised while you ran for office or prepare yourself to face an angry mob of voters more than happy to implement term limits one seat at a time.

Hey Washington, you have been warned once again.

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