Single payer healthcare is a cute way to say the Federal Government will take control of all aspects of health care in America. It would be a full takeover of more than one sixth of the economy by bureaucrats and panels and politicians. Yes, the same politicians who routinely give themselves a better deal.

I find the push being put on by Bernie Sanders a proud defender of Socialism like that on display in places like Venezuela, Russia and Cuba to be the absolute height of absurdity. It is openly ridiculous because every state that has tried to implement such a plan has quickly realized the cost is overwhelming and such a plan is a fools errand.

Socialist California Governor Jerry Brown admitted a plan in his state would have a cost so high it would require a tax increase of billions of dollars just to get started and would destroy the states economy. In Vermont Governor Peter Shumlin shut down a statewide health plan idea in 2015 just four years after the failed idea was put forth. The plan was supposed to take effect this year but Shumlin was finally able to do basic math and discovered that at a minimum it would take an 11.5 percent payroll tax on all businesses and an increase in the state income tax of up to 9.5 percent. Those kinds of taxes would have chased tens of thousands of businesses out of Vermont and left the economy in wreckage.

In Colorado the idea of a statewide healthcare plan was put in front of voters. It was rejected by a staggering 79 percent of residents saying no.

The truth is Universal Healthcare will be a failure of Universal proportions but it seems some just fail to understand what is clear from big states and small; single payer socialized medicine cannot work.

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