I’ve now read several excerpts from ‘What Happened’, the latest chapter in Hillary Clinton’s public display of victimhood, finger wagging and blame mongering. It is in simple terms nauseating. She is like a child unable to accept responsibility for their actions and refuses to believe that somehow the consequences were a direct result of her behavior. I don’t know if she honestly believes what she wrote or is simply delusional and passing blame in large helpings while giving herself only passing poor grade.

I am trying to remember but I don’t remember a post mortem self-congratulatory book tour following other failed Presidential candidates do you. Lets see Romney, McCain and even Gore skipped re-hashing the whole tired mess but not Hillary. Shie is fighting to remain relevant and in the public eye. It seems many Democrats think they are getting a black eye from all of it as a result and wish she would just go away already.

Well she won’t.

She may even be contemplating a return to the race in 2020, which by the way I applaud for a variety of reasons. Mostly it will mean another tawdry slide down memory lane with a strong smell of a rancid locker room. It will also be another chance to the see the lovely Clown Car of inside the Beltway liberal politics on display all the way from Arkansas to Chappaqua. I simply cannot wait for “The Third’s For Her!” Or some other genius slogan that means little or nothing to the American people.

Now lets see who is responsible for her loss because it’s clear from the book she did everything she could to rescue the race from those who ultimately stole it from her rightful and now indignant hands. First there is Bernie, then Trump, James Comey, the Russians, White Supremacists, bigots in general, misogynists, deplorables of course, Bill, bimbos, Bill’s bimbos, Old Joe and a whole list of those responsible for her failed dumpster fire campaign.

And lets not forget Breitbart, Fox news, talk radio, fake news, the alt-right, Facebook and Wikileaks. There is plenty of blame to spread around from the biggest upset loser in American political history. Talk about unprededented!

I often wonder why kids these days just cannot take responsibility for themselves and then I realize when it takes a village of people to take all the blame for Hillary losing I realize what kind of example they are seeing all to often!

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